Experience Physical, Tactical Feedback with ReFlex phone

Watch pages flip right to left when bend to the right, then left to right, when bend to the left of this incredible smart phone developed by researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab:

How much fun is that?

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May 2015 Second, 55-inch Wall Mounted “Wallpaper TV”

Thin Model, Thin TV LG Shows Off Flexible TV to Investors

First, an LG 18 Inch Flexible Display.

Second, a 55-inch Wall Mounted “Wallpaper TV”!

Glamour Girl Demoes Wall-mounted Wallpaper TV
Thin model, thin tv.

Still concept phase – but what a cool concept!

LG Just Unveiled a Bendy TV That You Stick to Your Wall
by Lisa Eadicicco, Slate Magazine

LG Display shows off press-on ‘wallpaper’ TV under 1mm thick
by Don Reisinger, CNET

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July 2014 First, an LG 18 Inch Flexible Display

Ref: www.lgdnewsroom.com

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The Next Big Thing

The curve changes everything!

Bendy TV is here! This is Samsung’s offering for the living room. Pretty snazzy. The curved screen gives you better sense of depth with greater contrast at every angle! It is called,

The Samsung Ultra High Definition 4K TV

Samsung claims more than 8 million pixels of resolution, with detail and color that are true to life. All traditional content from broadcast to cable to blue ray and other sources is automatically upscaled to 4K in a process that includes: analysis, noise reduction, upscaling, and Detail. This unit showcases innovations, which improve color, detail, and contrast. One of the innovations is Auto Depth Enhancer Technology.

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Conceptual Design Smartphone by Professor. Haeseong J. Jee and Hye Yeon You

Unveiled at Hongik University in South Korea in June 2010, a new smartphone concept by Professor. Haeseong J. Jee and Hye Yeon You is to be comprised of plastic polymer substrate instead of glass. This will allow the display to be curled around a one-inch cylinder! Samsung has confirmed that the production of these super flexible amoled displays may make their debut in 2012.

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Nov 2010 The Future of 3D is Bendy TV!!!

Samsung 3D on Bendy TV's for the Home

Nov 2010: Samsung Shows Off Foldable Concept on Large Screen at FDP International 2010. Samsung realizes the future of 3D TV: bendy tv screens which allow 3D viewing from any angle – ideal to immerse yourself in the 3D experience right in your living room!

Ref: SlashGear.com

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Nov 2010 – Wow! Flexible AMOLED Mobile Display Leaked!

This looks like it was leaked by Samsung!

How about a mobile with these properties?

Ref: TechWhizzdotCom’s Channel

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Nov 2010 Sighting! Samsung Mobile Display . . .

Ref: erikaustria1974′s Channel

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May 2010 Sony’s Thin Rollable Display

Sony’s Thin Rollable Display

Resolution: 432 by 240 pixels – improvement by May 2010!

Ref: Network World’s Channel

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Jan 2009 Flex OLED Demonstration Captured!

Kurisumaku captured brilliant footage of Sony’s rad 2009 CES display of flex oled!

Ref: Kurisumaku’s Channel

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